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seo киевAs a result of rapid expansion and complexities in administration, the university has a decentralized administration composed of six colleges and two satellite campuses.


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Register now: Basic and Intermediate Solar PV Training and Advanced Grid Connected Solar PV Design Training

The Solar Academy is run by the Department of Physics, University of Nairobi offers a short professional course in design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems. The training program is held twice a year run for two weeks.


Green Energy is gaining a lot of worldwide attention owing to the challenges nations are facing with the conventional sources of energy.  The Kenya Government and the private sector have focused on the development of solar Photovoltaic (PV) as a source of electricity through projects such as the construction of solar PV mini-grids as well as licensing of MW scale PV plants. These initiatives have created a high demand for local capacity to do design, install and carry out operation and maintenance of the installed systems.

The Solar Academy at the University of Nairobi was therefore established to build this capacity through several training programmes.